Not too long ago, those who wanted a new home had only two options: build a home from scratch or buy a newly constructed one. Fortunately, the introduction of manufactured homes in the mid-‘70s paved the way for another option for home shoppers. The staff delves into manufactured housing below.

Mobile Home

“A manufactured home is constructed entirely in a controlled factory environment, built to the federal Manufactured Home Construction and Safety Standards (better known as the HUD Code). A site-built home is built “on-site” using traditional building techniques that meet either a local or state building code.

Starting in 1976, the HUD Code established a stringent series of construction and safety standards that ensure that today’s manufactured homes are superior to “mobile homes,” the term used for factory-built homes produced prior to the introduction of the HUD Code. Today’s manufactured homes are dramatically different in appearance from the “mobile homes” of yesterday…with estimates that more than 90 percent of today’s manufactured homes never move from their original site. Manufactured homes, like site-built homes, are now available in a variety of designs, floor plans, and amenities.”

Those who are relocating to Ohio have no shortage of picks when it comes to traditional real estate properties. However, manufactured homes for sale in Ohio offer homebuyers a long list of benefits, something they should definitely consider before finalizing any house purchase. Below are the irresistible benefits of a manufactured home.


Weather conditions can wreak havoc on the construction work of site-built homes, which could lead to an increase in labor and material costs. For example, a sudden tornado—something usual in Ohio—can knock down walls, which have to be redone, incurring additional expenses. Meanwhile, builders of manufactured homes don’t have to contend with the weather because they are built in factories. This means that the prices of manufactured homes are stable, and that it’s unlikely for predetermined costs to increase.


The construction is supervised by several inspectors to ensure that everything complies with federal codes and Department of Housing and Urban Development standards. This means that buyers can look forward to living in a home that will barely give them a headache. In addition, since these homes are, technically, products from a factory, they come with a warranty.

Harmonious Communities

Buyers of Morrow County homes for sale prefer their properties to be proximate to hospitals, groceries, museums, libraries, and parks. These days, such perks are also accessible with a manufactured home, especially from companies like Bennington Springs MHP.

Getting a home built from scratch can prove to be a problem for those who want to keep their costs at a minimum. Fortunately, manufactured housing seems to be an ideal alternative.

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